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Orthocell receives ethics approval for collagen scaffold study

Orthocell has been granted ethical approval by St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne for a clinical study using its Celgro SMRT Grant collagen scaffold.

Biotechnology 04 May, 2016

Natural antibodies could combat devil facial tumour disease

Scientists believe they can stop Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease using natural antibodies derived from a surprising source — the devil's own immune system.

Life sciences 04 May, 2016

A new scientific head and a free showcase for EMBL Australia

EMBL Australia has announced Professor James Whisstock as its new scientific head and will be holding a showcase in Canberra on 5 July.

Molecular biology 03 May, 2016

Clinical trials facility opens in Adelaide

Pharmaceutical company IDT Australia has officially opened CMAX Adelaide, claimed to be Australia's largest and most contemporary early-phase clinical trial facility.

Biotechnology 02 May, 2016

The genes behind non-identical twins

An international research collaboration has identified the gene variants that increase a woman's chance of giving birth to non-identical twins by almost a third.

Molecular biology 29 April, 2016

3D-printed sleep apnoea device cleared by FDA

3D-printed sleep apnoea device cleared by FDA

Oventus Medical has received clearance from the US FDA for the O2VENT device, an oral appliance intended to reduce or alleviate snoring...

Article 08 April, 2016
Health medical
Antibody slows the spread of cancers

Antibody slows the spread of cancers

Scientists have discovered how to slow common cancers from metastasising, or spreading. It all comes down to three factors: immune cells known as...

Article 29 April, 2016
Life sciences
Swift drug screening with a small device

Swift drug screening with a small device

UQ researchers have created a high-density microbioreactor array — a credit card-sized device that enables cells to be cultured under...

Article 27 April, 2016
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