AusBiotech: Australia's Biotechnology Organisation

AusBiotech reflects on a year of advocacy and achievement

For the biotechnology industry and for AusBiotech, the past year has been another action-packed period in policy terms, as well as the year the Australian biotech industry... [+]

> Posted on 11 December, 2014

New report on medtech industry's global performance

EY has released its annual medical technology report for 2014 - 'Pulse of the industry: differentiating differently'. [+]

> Posted on 25 November, 2014

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Industry Excellence Awards recognise biotechnology leaders at AusBiotech 2014

Medtech featured strongly when the prestigious Johnson & Johnson Innovation Industry Excellence Awards 2014 were announced, recognising those at the forefront of... [+]

> Posted on 30 October, 2014

AusBiotech welcomes industry agenda as a win for common sense

Long-awaited restoration in the tax treatment of employee share schemes (ESS) and the announcement that Australian manufacturers of medical devices will be able to register... [+]

> Posted on 16 October, 2014

Medical research: seeking the right company

Australia excels in biomedical research but sucks at commercialisation. Professor Frank Gannon says that needs to change. [+]

> Posted on 16 October, 2014
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